Info and Prices

How to Buy?

The easiest way to buy is to use PayPal express checkout - you can do this even if you do not have an account, just use your debit or credit card. Select the PayPal link once you have added what you want to your cart. 

Why Isuzu?

Isuzu marine engines are the most reliable and hard-wearing small marine engines ever produced, with a large (and heavy) flywheel that ensures exceptionally smooth running. Alternators sit either side of the crank pulley at the front of the engine, with no huge and excessive pulleys trying to destroy the end of the crankshaft. The generous width of the footprint of the engine means easy access for maintenance and a framework that does not crack with fatigue. Basically, these engines actually achieve what all other marine engines attempt to do. 

Why Buy Parts From Us?

There is no point buying pattern or generic parts for your Isuzu if the original parts are still available. These engines are very expensive to repair if significantly damaged, and trying to save a few quid by fitting a generic part could cost you £000s in repairs. See the listing for Thermostats for an example. Even fitting a 'part-matched' oil filter can be a death sentence for an engine if the part has been poorly matched. Seize one of these engines and it's virtually a write-off, so why risk it?

Quayworks aims to provide quality genuine parts at all times, and where these are not available, for example in the marine sector where the parts are no longer in production, Quayworks manufactures them or has them manufactured, in England, to original (or higher) specifications. 

Are Reconditioned Engines Any Good?


Isuzu 4LB1 and 4LC1 (35 and 42hp) marine engines - the best small engine in the marine diesel sector - are no longer in production. Isuzu workshop guidance on rebuilding is particularly detailed and exceptionally strict, and as such, providing all components on the engine remain within workshop specified limits, a properly rebuilt engine will be close to as good as new. All Quayworks rebuilds use genuine parts throughout - these are expensive but worth it for reliability. We have a stock of hard-to-find genuine parts that make rebuilding these possible.

Quayworks invites all purchasers to spend as long as necessary on site checking any engine and observing a full up to temperature running trial prior to completion of purchase. You can bring your own engineer or fitter - any inspection is welcome. 

Quayworks currently has rebuilt Isuzu marine engines in hire fleet and private use, and industrial units in excavators and generators. 

Do I get a Guarantee?


Small Craft Services Ltd is run by Tom Keeling, a well known and time served professional in the marine industry. 

As a consumer, you are protected by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and the Sale of Goods Act 1979. It is your right to buy a product that works and is as described. For further consumer protection, Quayworks offers payment options through PayPal or through Credit Card, which further protects you as a consumer.

Cost Comparisons?

The closest current engine, in terms of quality, is a Beta, which is a marinised Kubota engine. A new Beta package is likely to be in the region of £7300 plus fitting, compared to a rebuilt Isuzu (with package) from us for around £3500. 

Can you fit the engine?

No, this is not a service we offer, but there is a strong chance we can recommend a reputable fitter for marine installation.